Live feed of stock discussion from Reddit

This page monitors reddit for mentions of stock tickers, then ranks them based on popularity

Reading the data

Scores are based on number of comments and popularity of those comments

Clicking the double arrow will expand the comments for a ticker

If a submission includes a link, you will see an additional LINK pointing to it. There IS NO WARNING IF A LINK IS NSFW

Mobile phones and some tablets will only see comment data in portrait mode, to see financial data flip to landscape mode

New additions to the list are shown in blue

Options in top right menu

Choose the rolling timeframe to view

Choose which subs to monitor

Choose how your data is sorted

Toggle Dark Mode / Toggle Old or New Reddit in links / Close all Comments

The data on the left is from reddit. It shows recent comments and submissions, as well as a score for each stock ticker

The color and arrow on the left show the stocks short-term popularity shift

To the right of the reddit data there is delayed market data (desktop and mobile portrait mode only)

There is no guarantee that a popular discussion on reddit will be reflected by a high score on this page

*Financial data is about as accurate as googling the stock and should be expected to have a large delay

Taking financial advice from strangers on the internet is a bad idea, tho sometimes we just like the stock

PM /u/weare808 with bugs, feedback or if your display is less than perfect

Hey all, just a quick note. You'll probably notice some changes in the coming weeks

Since wsb hit the national news cycle, I've been paying out of pocket to keep the site running smoothly. I recently got the second bill, and the first one for a full month of hosting. At this point I can't keep running the site out purely out of a labor of love.

The first thing you're going to notice is ads. I'm going to try dropping google adsense on the page, and hope its not too obtrusive. I've also been building an authentication system so that users who don't want to see ads can pay a few bucks a month to have an ad-free site.

I've also been working on a bit of a redesign, im more back-end/logical than front-end/creative so expect the site to stay more on the functional side. It's hard to give a timeline for everything, but I want you all to know this is in the works too

We'll be on a real domain name here soon too, I've had one for a while, it just never seemed like time to use it. I'll set up a redirect so that noone misses a beat

I'm a retail investor and my focus isn't going to change. This site is going to continue to be accessible for retail. I'm not going to charge an obscure amount, and I plan to run the free / ad supported version indefinitely.

As always, you can reach me at /u/weare808, and although I may not respond to every message, i read every message, and I want to hear what you all think about the coming changes.


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